Pocket Experts serves business owners by giving you virtual access to world-class experts who will advise you on thousands of business-related topics.

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Until now, it was nearly impossible for smaller businesses to afford the kind of professional advice used by larger companies.

Now, PocketExperts.Solutions has made it possible for you to have virtual access to a world-class roster of business experts, across dozens of specialties.

These experts can provide you and your team with the knowledge and actionable advice you need to grow, protect and manage your business and personal assets.

Through our innovative platform that combines the world’s largest business video library, live and interactive virtual events and person to-person interaction, you can access the exact kind of professional guidance you need, anytime you need it. Best of all, membership is free.

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Pocket Experts has reinvented business consulting, to give you virtual access to the experts you need.

As a member of Pocket Experts, you’ll have access to hundreds of specialists on thousands of topics. Whether you need guidance on legal, accounting, valuation, insurance, benefits, human capital, marketing, sales, business, personal finance or other topics, an experienced and vetted resource can provide it.

Here’s a small sample of the topics you’ll have access to:

  • Understanding working capital and cash flow management
  • Surviving a business interruption
  • Protecting your company from fraud
  • Enhancing the value of your company
  • Help with starting a business
  • Help with business exit strategies
  • Insights on working with banks
  • Understanding your capital needs and growth objectives
  • Getting through a divorce when owning a business

Pocket Experts has thousands of topics, with more added daily.
This always-available expertise is the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information you need to help you and your business succeed.

Try It At No Cost

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Here’s How Your Pocket Experts Membership Works

Explore the world’s most comprehensive small business video library:

  • Thousands of hours of consulting by our experts have been recorded and are available on-demand.
  • You can view on your computer, or via mobile by downloading the PocketExperts.Solutions app.
  • As a member, you can add these videos to your library for $99—one-third the cost of the average hourly consulting rate.
  • Once purchased, these videos remain in your library to be used again and again, by you or your staff, for as long as you retain your membership.
  • Plus, our monthly “Lesson of the Month” is always free for members to view.

Take advantage of live education and training:

  • Each month, members can attend a live webinar session—at no cost—in our “Meet the Experts” series, where
    experts respond to member questions.
  • These webinars, which cover a variety of popular topics, are an opportunity for you to pre-submit questions about your situation and request additional content from the experts.
  • Additionally, we hold periodic opportunities for specialized training with various experts in a live, virtual format.

Connect one-on-one with any of our experts:

If you need even more personal guidance or a deeper dive into your specific situation, we have two easy and affordable ways to get the help you need:

  1. Build a custom set of questions around thousands of topics to help you maximize the efficiency (and lower the cost) of discussions with your own professional.
  2. Contact any of our experts directly and to develop a customized plan that works for you. Many of our experts offer an initial consultation to members for free or reduced cost.

Membership Is Free!

By becoming a member of PocketExpert.Solutions, you’ll take a big step toward business success —and it won’t cost you anything! Our members get:

  • Access to our team of experts
  • Access to thousands of hours of video content
    by our experts at a cost of $99 per video (onethird the cost of an average hourly rate), providing you and your team with three times the information for dollars spent (At 10 videos viewed – a value of nearly $2,000)
  • 12 free videos to view with the monthly webinar lesson of the month (a value of nearly $1,200)
  • 12 free “Meet the Experts” events (monthly), where our experts respond to member questions (a value of nearly $1,200)
  • Access to training for you and your staff through periodically scheduled Live Events

Get started today by accessing your free membership. Once you’ve registered, select from thousands of topics and start getting the guidance you need to grow your business.

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