Grow, Protect, and Manage Your Business and Personal Assets

Increase the strength of your professional and personal team of advisors and experts. PocketExperts.Solutions offers you access to a team of world-class experts that can, and will, provide you and your team of advisors a wider reach and a greater depth of knowledge on thousands of business and business-related topics – all for an annual cost of $299.00 – less than the average fee for a single hour of professional time from any one of these experts.
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Start today! Make you and your management team stronger with access and support from the following world-class team of experts in PocketExperts.Solutions:

CPAs / Accountants
Business Valuation Specialists
Estate Planning Attorneys
Corporate Attorneys
Patent Attorneys
Transaction Attorneys
Website Designers
Website Analysts
Health Insurance Experts
Business Insurance Experts
Employee Benefit Plan Specialists
Bookkeepers and Financial Recordkeeping Specialists

Fraud Experts
Divorce Experts
Cash Flow Advisors
Business Growth Experts
Business Risk Assessment Analysts
Asset Protection Specialists
Personal Financial Planning Experts
Tax Planning Professionals
Experts in the Development of Flash Reporting
Office Management Specialists
IT Experts
Patent Developers and Experts

Intellectual Property Attorneys
Inventory Control Experts
Human Capital and Resource Specialists
Governance Experts
Sales and Marketing Professionals
Investment Strategy Experts
Finance and Banking Experts
Industry Analysts
Experts in Cryptocurrency
Business Startup and Exit Planning Experts

You Cannot Find the Answer Until You Fully Understand the Question!!

It has often been said that the only thing harder than finding the answer is knowing the question.

When asking the right questions on topics important to you, you will be amazed how little you know about detailed answers. With more than ten-thousand questions developed by our experts, and more being added daily, you and your management team will receive the guidance that you need with a focused discussion asking questions on literally thousands of business- and business-related topics, saving you time and money as you pursue the action plans to GROW, PROTECT AND MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL ASSETS.

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Still Looking for an Even More In-Depth Understanding?

Hundreds of hours of consulting by our experts has been recorded and is available to you to watch and listen on webinars at your convenience. You can listen on your computer, or on your smartphone by downloading our free app. These pre-recorded webinars can be purchased by you as a member for just $99, or one-third the cost of the expert’s average hourly rate. These webinars, once purchased, remain your property to be used again and again for as long as you retain your PocketExperts.Solutions membership. These webinars afford you the opportunity to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of a particular topic you desire
  • Obtain essentially 3x the information gained from a single hour of professional time at average rates
  • Save thousands of dollars in consulting costs
  • Guide and educate your management team
  • Grow and protect your business and personal assets
  • Learn how to run your company in real-time
  • Address in a timely manner any number of complex issues presenting day-to-day challenges, including, as an example the following few topics of interest:
    • Understanding working capital and cash flow management
    • Surviving a business interruption
    • Protecting your company from fraud
    • Participating in a value enhancement program. Lower your risk, increase the value of your company exponentially.
    • Help with starting a business
    • Help with exit strategies
    • Insights on working with banks
    • Understanding your capital needs and growth objectives
    • Getting through a divorce when owning a business

Remember, this list is just a sample. PocketExperts.Solutions has literally thousands of topics and continues to grow day-by-day, ensuring our members that the information on our website is always the cutting-edge information necessary to keep you and your business one step ahead of the competition!

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Opportunities For Advanced Education and Training

Through Your Attendance of Live Events

  • You will have periodic opportunities for specialized training with various experts in a live, online format. These programs are designed to provide detailed information on a wide variety of complex subjects affecting business owners and those looking for premier financial planning guidance.
  • During the course of these programs, you can submit questions, interact, and request content.
  • If you need even more information, you will always have live access to our top experts nationwide at no additional cost or fee from PocketExperts.Solutions. In these instances, you are free to contact any PocketExperts.Solutions expert on your own and develop a customized plan that works for both of you independent of PocketExperts.Solutions.

Recapping the PocketExperts.Solutions Limited Time Offer – Value Proposition

  • To increase your team’s ability of success by giving them a wider reach and a greater depth of knowledge to grow and protect your business and personal assets
  • Access to hundreds of hours of consulting by our experts at a cost of $99.00 per webinar (1/3 the cost of an average hourly rate), providing you and your team three times the information for dollars spent. ( At 10 Webinars viewed – A Value of nearly $2,000)
  • 12 free webinars to view with the monthly webinar lesson of the month. (A nearly $1,200 value)
  • Access to our team of experts.
  • Access to training for you and your staff through periodically-scheduled Live Events.
  • Access to our value-enhancement program, taught by our team of world-class valuation analysts in the country.
  • 12 free webinars (monthly events) to attend / view “Meet the Experts” as the experts respond to the members questions submitted (A nearly $1,500 value)
  • Sign up now for a limited time only at the low annual cost of $299.00.

Perhaps the most important question is: how can you and your management team identify and access the best advisors and experts available at an affordable cost, allowing you to grow, protect, and manage your business for greater wealth creation now?


The first question for you to ask your team. How do we increase the value of my company by 20% this year?

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  • Using PocketExperts.Solutions to get the right questions for your meeting with advisors saves you time, professional fees and you obtain a better result from the meeting.
    Garth M. Tebay CPA, CVA, MAFF, CMAA
  • Instead of having a team of consultants at hourly rates of over $250-300 per hour you will have the ability to obtain answers to your questions, get advice and learn new areas of expertise anytime, anyplace. This world of knowledge is awaiting you!
    Karen J. Kaseno, CPA, CVA, CFE, MAFF
  • I have access to Experts in many specialized areas using Pocket Experts.Solutions that can help me design, execute and complete a value improvement engagement for my clients.
    Garth M. Tebay CPA, CVA, MAFF, CMAA
  • Why would a perspective member join PocketExperts.Solutions? - The owner / member can evaluate possible action plans to have more predictable revenues, cash flows and profits.
    Gil Ostrick
  • PocketExperts.Solutions is a terrific way for private company CEOs to take action on growing profits and shareholder value.
    George Sandmann | President
  • In my opinion PocketExperts.Solutions is an amazing platform for those who like to contribute their knowledge as it opens doors to potential clients from all over the world.
    Abhinav Soomaney, CFI, MBA, MCOM, BMS
  • With one app I can have access 24/7 to professional advice not continuing education but actual professional advice from the best experts from around the country and even around the world.
    Chris Hamilton

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